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etwerwry tyertyert
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Кароче такой вопрос.Я купил саламона вчера.А потом он начал стоить 650 золота и воопще пропал....но он у меня куплен...и я его не могу взять....что с этим саламоном теперь делать??Ждать??
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Случайное фото
[Heroes of Newerth]


[Heroes of Newerth]


Друзья сайта
http://doters.org.ua Счетчик тИЦ и PR hondota


Патч 0.3.1 (В преддверии ОБТ )

Перед будущим открытием игры (ОБТ) S2Games решили "подрехтовать" игру и выпустить еще один патч...

Пока что без перевода :)

Патч 0.3.1


- Fixed disassembled items losing owner information, thus not letting them combine with other items
- Fixed a crash when selecting a chest containing a token of life or cheese
- Fixed unable to purchase from the shop while dead
- Reconnect window will no longer show if game is over (conceded) and you leave
- Show disconnect button in interface as soon as there is a winner (i.e. when a concede vote passes)

- Updated French stringtables
- Fixed downloading backwards compatibility archives after using the 0.3.0 installer
- Fixed issues with out of sync backwards compatibility archives
- Fixed a crash when starting old version replays
- Reset playback speed when closing a replay
- Updated how the "Automatic" create game functionality works
* Previously it used the first server it recieved a valid response back from. Now it grabs a server only from the region last selected


- Fix Team/All chat switching on phase changes during hero slection (Yes, this was just as annoying to us)
- Player Stats screen now has a dropdown box to show Ranked Stats and normal play stats, which are now seperate
- Added functionality to the UI option "Disable All Notifications" that turns off all popup notifications, but still records notifications to the history.
- Added new option "Disable Notifications In Game" that turns off popup notifications in game, but still fires them when not in a game.
- Added a "Remove All Notifications" button to the bottom of the notification history, clears out all notifications when used
- Fixed buddy invites so when a user ignores or accepts the other persons friendship, the original buddy request notification in their history is removed
- Added space to buddy/clan/notification count to allow for counts 3 digits in length
- Fixed "Disband Game" confirmation popping up for players who clicked "Disconnect" in their game and were not the host
* Added a "Disconnect from Game" confirmation instead for players who are in the game and not currently hosts when they click "Disconnect"
- Added SMR/TMR listing in a player's stats
- Fixed a problem where users could become silenced for excessively long times
* So for example a user types /silence "name" 9999999999, and they end up getting silenced in the channel for over a month. Now, /silence name 999999999 will silence them for a month, but if /silence name 1 is used afterwards, they will only be silenced for 1 minute.
- Added Russian back to lang selector
- Fixed EM % in stats page rounding correctly


- Fixed leavers able to join matchmaking
- Players who try to join matchmaking with no region selected will now be given an error and told to select a region
- Fixed server not reading the proper rating value for matchmaking
* Caused -1 rating and players always gaining/losing 20 points no matter what
- Added better feedback and information for when someone fails to load and how long the game will wait before disbanding


- Added Exclusive mode for OS X
- Fixed a memory leak that was crashing OS X client
- Mac mods should now be installed to /Users//Library/Application Support/Heroes of Newerth
- Linux mods should now be installed to ~/.Heroes of Newerth


- Slight tweak to how the 'mummy grab' works to fix a control issue

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