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Кароче такой вопрос.Я купил саламона вчера.А потом он начал стоить 650 золота и воопще пропал....но он у меня куплен...и я его не могу взять....что с этим саламоном теперь делать??Ждать??
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[Heroes of Newerth]


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Heroes of Newerth - Hero Guide

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Author: MiniQs45

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Scout is a hard carry, probably the hardest carry in game at the moment. Dont buy ganker items with him, as some people do, buy carry items. remember, u are supposed to take out the whole enemy team, not just 1-2 enemies.

Farm as much as possible at ur lane, and have a babysitter. First buy 2x duck boots but only if u have an iron buckler. When u have iron shield buy a life tube, if less u aren't good at farming, then buy a loggers hatchet. then buy a manatube and then marchers. when u have bought ur marchers and sustainer u should buy 2x broadswoard for runed axe, which makes ur farming better and also makes u able to eliminate more than 1 enemy at a time. if u are figthning a few spellcasters a shrunken head would be a good idea to buy. brutalizer is optional but a nice idea. if less more than 1 of ur enemy has shamans headdress u should buy harkons to remove all armor, and if they do have shamans headdress u should buy a savage mace for heavy damage. then buy a wingbow for the evasion, atk speed and damage. and then last buy an abbysal skull. if the game is still going on when u have all those items, then buy what u find most convinient for the game. good luck!

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